Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Part one- Fightworx Academy

I started my training at Fightworx Academy in Torquay in September 2009 where I trained under Darren Yeoman (brown belt under Italo Ferreira). I continued to train there until September 2010 where I moved to Plymouth for teacher training.

Clockwise from left- Italo Ferreira (in hat), Darren Yeoman, Me, Master Toddy, Seal

I loved training at Fightworx, especially with Master Toddy (Vikki Todd- blue belt under Italo Ferreira), Sasha Hook (blue belt under Pedro Bessa) and Seal (Sarah Heal). I effing love training with these girls and I miss them loads!
Me, Seal and Master Toddy

Me, Sasha, Seal, Toddy

As a team, we entered a heap of competitions together, and we gained a reputation for winning. We were a good group of friends who loved Jiu Jitsu and loved to compete!

 As well as training in Jiu Jitsu at Fightworx, Darren introduced me to training with Kettlebells, for which I owe him a lot. They've supplemented my training so well, and I continue to use them frequently.

The Fightworx Gym
Darren has always been an incredibly encouraging and influential instructor and anyone down in the South West shouldn't think twice about training at Fightworx. Especially now they have a state of the art facility! Check them out at http://www.fightworx.co.uk/