Monday, 13 June 2011

Blue belt

On  May 7th 2011, after he came down for seminar at Gracie Barra Plymouth  I receieved my bluebelt off Braulio Estima. It was amazing to get my bluebelt off such a an incredible BJJ legend. The past 20 odd months of training has been amazing, and BJJ has become such an massive part of my life.

 The seminar focused on gaining (and keeping) good side control. He also covered a few attacks from side control (chicken wing americana, armbar and triangle).

Below is the whipping I received. Everyone was fairly nice to me (apart from the 6 or 7 guys I train with regularly- try and guess which they were!)

Mahooosive thanks (yet again) to Darren and Tom who are the best coaches in the world, ever. Science fact.

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