Sunday, 19 June 2011

Cauli Ear

So, I'm due to fly to Miami in 2 weeks time (exactly) to train at Fightsports with Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu. I went out there to train last year and I was welcomed into the family. I made a number of friends out there, who I'm looking forward to training with again and pushing myself to progress as a blue. Anyway, enough of that. I'll get to see them soon enough... Onto this topic- Cauliflower ear.

Whilst I was out there last year, the 4 hours a day training, and a strong focus on stand up sparring really started to take a toll on my ears. Takedowns and drilling made it sore, but it was one helluva tight guillotine slapped on by Sofia Amarante (brown belt and world nogi champ) that blew my right ear. Check out the pictures...

Slightly inflammed, but just a little sore
The following morning
What started off as a burning sensation for a few days, became very uncomfortable to touch. It was one morning where we were doing shrimping drills up the long mats that I shrimped onto it and it really, REALLY hurt. Cyborg saw my cupping it in pain, to which he pointed to the corner of the gym and demanded I put on some ear guards. This was towards the end of my trip, so I didn't have to sport such a sexy fashion item for too long.

After it had gone hard

Cyborg insisted on draining it, so he did...

Only, it filled up again the following morning before I flew home. I saw it as something I got to remember Fightsports by :)

I now wear some Brute earguards I bought upon my return home. Not every lesson, just if they start to feel a little sore again. I'm quite fond of my mini cauli's- but I'm not sure I'd rock the full on wrestlers ears..

Anyway, I thought I'd share my ears with you.... as strange as that sounded..


  1. Nice're a savage

  2. LOL...I still fear cauliflower ear. Nice vid!

  3. They're not that big anymore Megan. Even though they hardened up, they still shrunk :)

  4. I love how you accessorize it with earrings!

  5. The earrings were totally unintentional! Ha