Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I was introduced to competing early on by Darren. He told me that it's the ultimate form of testing your jiu jitsu. Not only does it show you what works well for you, but it also exposes holes in your game.

My competition record is as follows;


UK Premier BJJ Championships- 74kg- gold
                                                 -absolute- bronze
Bournemouth Open                    - 69kg+- gold


UK Premier BJJ Championships- 69kg+- gold
                                                 -absolute- gold
                                                               Welsh Open-                              69kg+ - gold
                                                               British Open-                             69kg+ -  gold

Final of 2010 Bournemouth Open
                                                               12-1 (5-0) (by submission)
Gold in 2010 UK Premier BJJ Championships
Gold at Bournemouth Open 2010
Double gold at 2011 UK Premier Championships (Me, Terere and Sasha

Absolute Semi Finals- UK Premier BJJ Championships 2011
UK Premier BJJ Championships 2011- gold

British Open 2011 Gold

UK Premier BJJ Championships 2011- absolute gold

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