Monday, 13 June 2011


So, a week or two before I received my bluebelt, I received something equally exciting- sponsorship!

After e-mailing them my achievements so far and an accompanying e-mail rambling about how much I love the brand and would love the chance to represent them, Scramble ( to sponsoring me.

Scramble produce the best in nogi and BJJ gear. They are a UK based company, but are spreading like wildfire through the BJJ community and across the globe.

I've managed to join the likes of Oli Geddes and Dan Strauss (who are amongst the most prolific competitors in the UK), in representing Scramble on the competition circuit. This is a very exciting time, and a chance for me to step up and and be considered one of the best girls in UK BJJ.

Gogoplata-ing my instructor Tom Barlow in my scramble tee, rashguard, rainbow spats and grappling shorts

Anybody interested in top nogi/BJJ grappling gear with bold designs with a funky japanese theme should check out what Scramble have to offer. Face it. Rainbow spats. You want some too..

Scramble rainbow spats

I am yet to compete whilst representing Scramble, as I want to ensure I am at my best when I compete. The next competition I am due to enter is the Grapplers Quest competition at Coral Springs Florida when I head over there next month (blog to follow). I will do my best to rock my rainbow spats whilst representing Scramble and the UK in such a massive event...


  1. Congrats! Cool to see Scramble supporting women in BJJ. I imagine you'll also get a spike in hits due to Matt linking this blog on the Scramble Twitter feed. :)

  2. Thanks Mr Slideyfoot! I've just noticed that. Better make sure my grammar and spelling is better from now on!