Friday, 22 July 2011

A proper blog from Miami..

I’ve FINALLY found the chance to write a blog. The gym has moved from being a 5 minute skate away to a 5 minute skate, a 40min bus journey and a 10 min skate again. By the time I get home from morning training (which usually lasts over 4 hours) I have time to shower, eat and head back again! Or, that’s the excuse I’m sticking to anyway..
So I’ve been here 2 and a half weeks now, and like my previous post stated; Master Cyborg is very keen on us drilling the absolute HELL out of a small number of techniques.  He has been very reluctant to move on until he is confident that we are all happy with the positions.  I like this approach. The techniques have all started to become default responses to certain situations, which is what it’s all about I guess. So we’ve been focusing on the following;
1.       Dump Sweep
2.       Arm drag
3.       Arm drag to back
4.       X guard sweeps
5.       X guard passes 
The first three have been a part of the class warm up since I got here.  As a result, I have quickly started to implement them into my game without thinking about it. They are start positions, when you start from knees. They transition from one another perfectly, so they are proving to be very useful.

No chickens here..

Classes aside, I’ve also had the time to drill some other techniques with some of the guys from the club this week. Myself, Leanna (brown belt under Cyborg) and Angie (blue belt under Cyborg)  worked on a guard break and an armbar to triangle transition.

Leanna, about to fuck me up


Practising an armbar-triangle transition technique

Breaking down posture


.. or if they pull arm out, finish with triangle

Isolating arm, closing guard over shoulder and finishing with armbar.


The X guard we are currently using is working quite well for me. I find myself working to get into the required position once somebody has broken my closed guard and is trying to pass. I KNOW what I’m working for. Having “go to positions” is a must for me and my little brain. I need to know where I am going, why I am going there and what I am going to do once I get there.  I’m a happy shebeast then. When I am in the right position, that’s when I can work for a sweep/submission we’ve been drilling, rather than just spazzing out the second my guard broken and thinking “Oh god, I’ll just turtle”. But it means I have to drill the hell out of something so that when I need to do it, my body does it for me. Hopefully, with all this persistent drilling, I’ll achieve this and feel much more comfortable on my back. I can feel the improvements now, so fingers crossed!
Me and the man himself
That’s all I have time for now, but I’ll try to be a less shitty blogger and have another blog up the same time next week..


  1. Good stuff, and cool to see lots of pics too.

    How are the buses/trains etc over there, generally? I don't drive, so if I ever made it over to the US, I'd have to rely on public transport (which I keep hearing is terrible in the States).

  2. Hi Slidey,

    I've found them to be great. The bus I catch is every 20mins or so. One seems to be there whenever I need it..

    The bus drivers are just as bad as the general public at driving though!

  3. Couldn't comment on the trains though. Haven't caught one.

  4. Daniel Havelock25 July 2011 at 01:30

    Hey Hannah glad to see you are doing well!!! good to hear how you are geting on!!! so i love reading the blog and great pictures too! :)

    Much love from the Gracie Barra Plymouth Team (UK)


  5. Thanks Dan!

    Hope you guys are all well and are all training hard! Good luck this weekend (?) at Hereford! :)