Friday, 19 August 2011

Favela stylee

I know, I know I've been super slack. I've been training lots and haven't had time to escape to the computer to blog. So here's a really pointless one:

The neighbours don’t like us drying our clothes out on the balcony. Understandable really.. There are 4 of us in a 2 bedroom apartment, and between us we have approximately 6 bajillion gis we hang out to dry at the same time. We can’t bring them inside. We’d die of deathly fume inhalation, so I figured I’d bring my general clothing inside to dry. Not that there was any room to hang anything, until Angie found an old washing line. We hung it across her bed, proper favela stylee. Thought I’d share a pic.

Favela style washing line

Looks nice huh? My spats take 12 seconds to dry anyway. She doesn’t sleep with the washing line up. C’mon. We’re not ACTUALLY in a favela…

Scramble washing line
I'm competing as an honourary Avenger at Grapplers Quest in Coral Springs tomorrow so will post a blog about that on Sunday. Fingers crossed I get some bling.. Eurgh, I feel sick thinking about it.

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