Sunday, 21 August 2011

Grapplers Quest- South East Grapplers Championship


So yesterday myself and a whole heap of the Fightsports team traveled to Coral Springs to represent Fightsports and team The Avengers. In true me style, I was bricking it. God knows why I compete. I truly truly hate it. Well, the waiting around part. I question why I spend my money feeling SICK with nerves for a day. It's only once the fight hits the floor that I remember " Ooohhh yeah, I remember now. I enjoy doing this rolling around stuff. I remember why I'm here now!". But until then, I quite frankly would rather die than sit around waiting.

Half of the mats. 12 in total with a championship mated area in the middle for the mens advanced absolute

In stereotypical BJJ competition style, it was running a little late. Ladies were due to fight at 12, when it was about 3:30 before a lot of the girls got on the mats. 

Anyway, to the details. I registered for 2 nogi divisions (advanced 160lbs+ and absolute) and 1 gi division (160lbs+). Nogi was first, and the absolute division. I got a by in the first round, and fought a strong looking girl in the semi's. Now, this was my first nogi competition. I have a gameplan in the gi that I like to stick to, but for nogi I don't. I decided I didn't want this strong girl on top, so in a last minute decision I decided I would go for the takedown. She seemed super comfortable gripping up, and I had seen her go for trips other girls. Double leg it is then..

*Note to self * My takedowns require a LOT of work. I managed to score 2 points as I shot in for a terrible double leg, due to her pulling guard when I was still holding her leg. So I'm 2-0 up. Those were the only points I score the ENTIRE TOURNAMENT. Every other fight I had, went down to advantages. Grapplers Quest nogi rules state that if one person turtles as a result of the other person trying to pass guard, the person trying to pass scores 1 advantage. Fair enough I suppose, but I am turtle queen. I'm quite fond of hanging out there. Shit, I know, but it's something I'm working on and something I'm hoping I'll stop doing as my guard gets better. So I think I may have given away a couple of advantages at the competition, due to my love for turtling. 

Now, as shit as turtling up is as a strategy, and as shit as my guard is, I still give people a hard time passing. I'll find a leg, lock half guard on, and will NOT let go. I try to advance from half or deep half to a sweep and then work to pass again. Which is how they went. I spent a lot of time on my back, almost having my back taken, but preventing her from getting her second hook in, and holding onto that half guard until I had space to move. Jesus Christ she was strong. I ended up winning due to those first 2 points.

Working open guard

Looking to pass


So to the final I go..

The girl had just won her weight division, by annihilation. She was this tiny little girl, but a little ninja, apparently. Her guard was awesome, so I figured I'd pull guard so I didn't get armbarred or triangled in the first 20 seconds. Well, in theory it sounded good. But instead she managed to get me flattened out in half guard, and as she went to mount, I bridged... and she took my arm with her. 20 seconds, no. 52 seconds, yes. Haaaaa. Turns out, she was a purple belt who had previously won the worlds. I'm happy with my silver and both my arms thank-you very much.. 

"You only lose if you compete. Wanna win all the time? Stay home". The comforting quote from the referee who told me the girl was a prolific nogi competitor and was very experienced.

My fight in my weight division was to the same girl who I beat in the semis on the absolute. I had lost before I stepped on the mat. I knew I had. My mentality was that I did not want to fight her again. She was strong, and I was exhausted after fighting her last time. Wrong attitude to have. She won by taking my back and getting the 4 points in the last minute or so of the fight. Nobody to blame but myself. I was pissed because I had beaten her once and I knew could have done it again. 

Taking the back

Now.. the gi division I come across her AGAIN. The joys of being in a minority category. This was the closest match I've ever had. I decided I would pull guard. The 2 previous matches I had lost because I pulled guard. Why oh why did I pull guard..? I didn't want to stand with her, and decided I'd rather have her tire trying to pass, whilst giving me a chance to work my (still crappy) guard.

I knew I hadn't got points for passing, I knew she had no points either, so it was going to be down to advantages. She nearly took my back, I nearly took hers. It was a real back and forth kinda fight. I had no idea what was the score and to see I had lost 2-1 on advantages was devastating. I had Sofia and Felipe Amarante 

screaming and coaching for me throughout the fight. They gave me so much motivation, and I gave that fight my all. I felt so exhausted (a result of previous fights, mentality and my cardionogi, so every fight I had was against girls with quite a bit more experience than myself. Doesn't take away the gutting feeling of not winning, but Grapplers Quest was an awesome experience and I have a big list of things to work on before I compete next.
Silver in 160lbs+ in the gi

3 big thankyous before I finish up...

1- The Amarantes- for screaming at me to the point that I feared for the consequences if I didn't do what they were telling me..

The Amarantes- coolest BJJ family ever?

2. Fightsports and Avengers- we brought home loads of medals guys! My Jiu Jitsu family home from home. Love you guys! Oss!
Fightsports Familia! Osss!

3. Scramble- for their support for women in BJJ and for giving me the opportunity to represent the brand. I'll get gold next time! Promise..

"Win a silver medal? Melt it down, make a spoon, go eat cereal- only gold counts"

**VIDEOS TO FOLLOW**- Youtube hates me. I'm spending my day sat here uploading. And its real sunny outside. That's dedication that is..

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