Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Roli Delgado seminar

Roli Delgado (in the blue at the front) at Fightsports

Last Monday, Cyborg arranged to have a good friend of his, Roli Delgado, come to the gym to give us a footlock seminar. Cyborg has mentioned how neglected leg locks are within BJJ and that he wanted to give us the opportunity to have a seminar with one of the top leglock guys. Roli, an ex UFC veteran, is from Westside MMA and is the teacher of Hillary Williams. Hillary is my biggest, bestest, favouritest (?) lady in BJJ. I think she’s badass. And she taps guys...

Told you. I love this picture..

 To learn from the guy that taught her everything was very cool indeed.
The seminar wasn’t based on super fancy, never-before-seen ninja moves, but rather an experienced insight into the biggest misconceptions and mistakes people make when attempting footlocks. He showed us tiny little tweaks that really help increase the likelihood of getting the submission. They had most of us kicking ourselves, they were so simple, but often not practised.
We focused a lot on the straight footlock. Being legal from white belt onwards, it was the most relevant leglock and often, the most incorrectly applied. A perfect lock to practise our new knowledge on..

The guys drilling
He showed us drills to practise to ensure we catch the foot correctly and thus have the position correct. Having the positioning correct from the start, prevents the opponent “putting on the boot” aka straightening their leg, and 99% of the time means the submission is on before you even hit the floor and physically start to apply it.

Set up drill- faking a guard pass

Correctly catching and positioning the foot

The seminar consisted of:

·         Positional drilling
·         Same side straight footlock
·         Cross side straight footlock
·         Defence of same side
·         Defence of cross side
·         Counter to defence of same side
·         Counter to defence of cross side
·         50/50 guard to cross side footlock
     ·         50/50 guard to toe hold

Cross side straight footlock

Same side straight footlock

Roli is a great guy, super helpful and practically hurled his knowledge at us. He didn’t hold anything back, and allowed a lot of time for questions at the end.  The seminar has helped me recognise opportunities where a footlock could be attempted as opposed to say, a pass. So, yeah. Amazing seminar. Have some pictures of me and Angie drilling the techniques..

Kicking off leg counter... knee on belly.

Finishing a same side straight footlock
Fifch/Fifch gward..

*Note* My notepad in the background of a few of the pictures. I've been writing every technique down in an attempt to remember everything!

I'd like to thank Master Cyborg for arranging Roli to come down and give us a seminar. It was awesome. I am now a footlock ninja. Kind of..


  1. hi - i've been trying to study roli delgado's cross side straight ankle and was scouring the internet for material and ran into your blog. any chance you'll post the notes you took on it?

    (if roli said not to, then no worries)

    1. Hey there. Fully appreciate that this reply is over a year after your original post, I somehow managed to miss it entirely.

      All the ankle locks (apart from the 50/50 guard ones) started from your opponents feet on hips, looking to pass. The cross side ankle lock is set up exactly the same as a standard same side one, only with the foot across. Still arching the same way, still fall to the same side as the foot, but finishing it across the body.

      I'm not entirely sure how useful that was or wasn't, but there is my reply! :)