Tuesday, 25 October 2011

ADCC in pictures

I haven't written anything in forever. I am ending my silence with some pictures of ADCC from September. It was UHmazing watching all the big names fighting. Was even better that the stadium wasn't full and I could wander around and find the best seat, depending on who I wanted to watch fight. Anyway, I digress.

First up, my previous coach Tom Barlow vs Jeff Glover.

Now, I'm a fairly laid back kinda girl. I like my funny. I'm all for people wanting their fights to be entertaining to watch for the public (it is afterall, what we are there for). I'd seen a few fights of Jeff's before and thought he's coooool. After seeing him fight Tom my opinion had swayed from cool to twat. Right from the start, Jeff tried to humilate Tom. Turning his back to him, doing some lame baiting his leg shit. It angered me on quite a deep level. If you want to be entertaining, smash the shit out of someone then tap them. Did Jeff do either? No. Prick. Here he is, failing to pass guard.

Sorry about that. It was like I was re-living it..

On a lighter note, the ladies fights were frickin' AWESOME. Michelle Nicolini in particular stood out for me. I want her butterfly guard, please. In general, I'm not gonna lie- USUALLY the mens fights are more entertaining than the ladies. I'm not going to lie. But I reckon they were pretty close at this event. Here's Kyra taking some bitches arm home..

Here's Nicolini with her butterfly guard trying to sweep the UK's own Yas Wilson. Was good to see a share of UK women representing at ADCC. Hopefully that'll continue.

The final between Michelle and Kyra was AWESOME. I was 2 rows from the front and took about 6 bazillion pictures of that fight. It was so back and forth. Nicolini so very nearly finished the fight with this armbar..

..Which got even tighter..

Kyra managed to escape and then they both found themselves scrambling for each others feet..

My knowledge of toe holds is fairly limited so I spent the whole time grimicing and them bending each others feet around..

The stoof up again.. Michelle took Kyra back down again...

Then Kyra sank in some some rear-naked-choke-but-not-from-the-back-and-I-had-her-arm-triangled-up-out-of-the-way kinda, thing, which forced Michelle to tap.

Kyra, stick choking Michelle..

Happy Hoger..

But yeah- AWESOME fight.

Other highlights of the competition included... Marcelo Garcia (duh.)

 Finishing Viera in the final with this slick triangle..

..and having us all panicking when Kron nearly finished him with a tight guillotine

Galvao wins, a lot..

Cyborg latching onto a knee..

 Happy Mendez and sulky Mendez

Cheery Gabi

..And Joao Assis squeezing some guys head



  1. Great pics!

    On the Glover thing, I'd tend to agree, but Tom himself apparently didn't mind.

  2. Wow, awesome pics. I wish I could have been there to see it all!!

  3. very nice photos, i am impressed by the result of your cameras.

  4. Yeah, Tom was fine about it. He said Jeff was really complimentary towards him after the fight. I still think he's a prick though ;)

    Thanks for the kind words on the pictures. I've just put 3 more on there I forgot about..

  5. Nice photos..I was there too, with a professional photographer friend of mine who must have shot 1000's photos - have I seen any? Nope :-)

    Yes, I didn't know what to think of Jeff G when he fought Tom - he was being a bit of a dick and took it many too far, but I spoke to him afterwards and he is a really nice guy.