Monday, 27 August 2012

Oh, hello there..

Yes, I'm back. Well, sort of back. Let's see how long this lasts. Since I last wrote a blog, I've been teaching science full time. I didn't get the memo that the teaching career saps away your time and your soul and so, I've barely had enough time to eat and shower, never-mind write a freakin' blog.

I'm going to attempt to summarise the past few months in a few paragraphs. Wish me luck.

1) I moved to London. That's right, the big smoke. Cool stuffs occurred whilst I was in London. I trained at Mill Hill (Roger Gracie Academy) and my coaches were frickin' badasses (Nick Brooks, Dan Strauss, Oli Geddes).

Since training in the city, I went to seminars held by:

Mauricio Gomes:

De La Riva:

That's right bitches. Not one, or two, or three, or four, or fi.. BUT ELEVEN black belts on the match-ee..

and Michelle Nicolini (held at the lovely London Fight Factory). 

Leoni, Michelle and Me

Sexy Picture by sexy Meerkatsu

It's been awesome, especially as we tend to get forgotten about back in the West-country. Sad times..

One of my highlights of my time in London was getting my first tab on my blue belt from Nick Brooks.


He welcomed me into the club, and spent a lot of time and effort focussing on improving my guard, and I'm very grateful for that. He arranged for me to be taught in smaller groups with club ninja Chris Hearn, meaning that I essentially got spoilt. But, if anyone asks, none of that actually happened, because girls belong in the kitchen, and not on the mat.. 

.. Ahem.
So that was my time in London. I've met some badass people at Mill Hill. Having the pleasure of training with the one and only Meerkatsu has been a pleasure. He's a fountain of BJJ gear knowledge. A fountain I shamelessly exploited. Any advice on gi's, he's your man. He also has really frickin' boney shins.

PLUS, he makes honeybadger fightwear..

Evidence as to why girls prefer pictures BEFORE rolling..

What else you ask?

Well, I'm home now (Yaay). You might not care, but I do. Look how pretty home is..


And so I'm back training at my old club where my jiu jitsu journey began (Fightworx Academy under black belts Darren Yeoman and Raphael Dos Santos). 

I also plan on making routine drop ins at Gracie Barra Plymouth with black belt Tom Barlow and his guys (whom are lucky enough to be having their academy re fitted as we speak).

Here's Fightworx:

Sexiest gym in the UK, without a doubt. (Shamelessly stolen picture). Don't care.

2 more things:

I tie dyed a gi. Forget "The Ring". "The Ringworm" is where it's at..

Oh, and I got my belt embroidered :)

Ohh, yeaaah.

I'm training my butt off for the IBJJF Euro Nogi Championships next month. I'll keep you updated on anything interesting that might occur before then.

Aaaaaand finally, you should buy some scramble stuff. Sexy spats, hunky hoodies, and soon to be IBJJF ranked rash guards, and a frickin' lush gi.

Click on the pretty picture below to get to the website.

Do it do it do it.

Ok, so let me explain the importance of that pretty picture.

When (not if, when) you order some Scramble stuff, pretty pretty please do it through the links on my blog. 

It will take you directly to their website, but when you buy something the guys at Scramble know that I sent you. Yes. It's essentially, magic. 

So please, do it via my blog otherwise I won't get fed. 


P.S I've posted a heap of links around the blog. If it has scramble on it and you can click it, DO IT. 

Until next time..

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