Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Pony Club Grappling Gear


Hello again. So soon after another post you say?. I can tell you're impressed.

Anyway, I have news!

In addition to my sponsorship with the very very awesome (I-love-you-so-much-please-don't-ever-drop-me) Scramble

I am now a very proud sponsored athlete of
 Pony Club Grappling Gear.

This is an awesome clothing brand (started earlier this year) aimed at women in BJJ/MMA. Fed up of brands presuming you'll like their gear because they've slapped the label "girls" on their usual stuff? Or, (in my case) fed up of seeing everything designed for girls in being plastered in baby pink and heart and flowers and VOM. .

I was my friends, I was. PCGG is a refreshing new brand, with designs being kitsch and playful.  Best of all? It's created by a girl. So no more baby pinks and baby blues making me want to vomit up my soul whenever I see them. Win. PCGG is not exclusively for women though. Oh no no. That would be reverse sexism. Or, inverted sexism. Whatever. They make unisex sizes in all their shirts as well. Hoorah!

Checking out patches
Har Har 

So, they sent me some lovely t-shirts and a bunch of patches to get sewing on my gi's (my Mum hates me). Super soft shirts, and the patches are awesome (the logo was designed by Mr Meerkatsu himself).

The patches are craaaazy good. PCGG are doing an offer right now that has worldwide shipping for $5 on patches. I forget the discount code and what you have to do but it exiiissssts.

Wait, here it is.. enter the promo code: PONYPATCHONLY in the coupon bit where you make an order.

They've got big plans so get involved girls and (pony loving) guys. Woah. That sounded wrong.


Thanks to PCGG for the sponsorship, can't wait to represent the next time I compete :)



  1. That is extremely awesome! Two of my favourite people online (first Julia, now you) getting together with one of my favourite companies. :D

    I'm looking to Pony-patch some clothes myself, though in my case it will be coats and hoodies rather than gis. I don't do patches on gis. Well, except the Gracie Barra ones I'm unfortunately forced to wear. :(

    Shame we didn't see you at the sub only comp last weekend! ;)

  2. But these patches have Poniiiiieees on Can. That changes everything! We had a big team of kids turn up to the sub only comp but we are so unorganized when it comes to getting a group together to go and compete. Next time I'll be there!

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