Thursday, 21 February 2013

Pictures from training


I got my mitts on a new lens for my birthday (Tamron 28-75m f2.8) and I've been playing with it before SWFC 6 this Sunday (Tickets available here:


I get to play photographer for the night. Taking photos in low lighting and through a cage will be a new challenge for me, but I'm super excited.
Here are some more recent shots I've taken at training with my new lens. Still getting to grips with it, but I'm pretty happy with the shots I've been taking.
Here are a few hand picked favourites;
Vikki's swish guard pass

One handed choke by Will

Genki busting some deepy hawf

Thanks to Sam for catching this shot of me, mid-omoplata. Double chin. Nooice.

I'll post some pictures from the fight show as soon as I've edited them. Probably mid week next week. Exciiiiting.


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