Sunday, 3 March 2013

SWFC 6 shots

Hi again.

Last weekend I was one of the official photographers for the South West Fighting Championships (SWFC 6). It was the first time I had used my new lens, other than messing around with it at training.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the night. I found the best setting around half way through the night. I wish I had found it sooner (especially for Oli's knock out photo).

P.S Finally made a watermark- success!

The Ring Girls

Gracie Barra Plymouth boys.

Luke getting his hands wrapped

On to the fights

Oli getting ready

Oli's knock out
 I loved playing with the colour saturation for some of the photos. Especially for the guys that had lots of colour tattoos. Along with the green and red lights, there was plenty of colour to play with.

Ricky, ready to go

Left hook

Cranking on a guillotine

Happy roar 

Tattooed tummy


One of the boxing bouts
Phil, ready to fight

 I really like this one. The red/green glare in the bottom left corner, and the focus on Josh's 1987 thigh tattoo. Boom.

Josh, throwing one of 6 bajillion kicks he threw
 I tried to get a mixture of action shots, as well as portrait shots. I also took a handful of these kind of shots- Coaches giving their fighters advice during the end of the rounds/ at the start of the fight

Kris giving Josh advice

Front kick

The second time Josh flawed the guy. Being warned for, being awesome? I don't know.


Ready for the verdict

The picture below is probably my favourite shot of the night. I was stood in the right place, at the right time. My camera didn't leave my face all evening. The achy hand and squinty eye is worth it for shots like this.

I like edit my pictures so they are heavily contrasted and saturated. It's my personal taste. Every now and then I'll mess around with black and white. This one worked quite well with Luke's "Only God can judge me" back tattoo.

Again, going against my preferred super saturated look. I dimmed the colour to draw attention to Luke's focussed face.

Aaaand I added back the saturation again..

Kris, giving out more advice.
This next lot of photos were from a K1 fight. There were loads of legs flying everywhere. Awesome fun to photograph.

Punch to face, shin to ribs. Not sure which I'd prefer..
So happy with my timing for this shot. He was setting up kicks like this for a while, and I anticipated it well.


The last lot of photos were from the main event of the evening (the featherweight title bout). The first 3 shots are from Josh O'Shea's entrance. It always makes photography more fun when the fighters put on a good show for the audience (both in terms of their fighting, and in terms of being showman). Josh's entrance was a real crowd pleaser. He hyped up the crowd, and came in singing to his entrance song. Meant I could catch images like this:


Note to other fighters- if you want people to take pictures of you, do more of this. You're putting on a show and entertaining people. Not heading to death row..

Proper foccussed
Really like the red and green lighting in this shot. It's in the left corner of the cage again. Lighting was proper sexy over that side.

Confident kick
A lot of wrestling in this fight. Made for some great facials..

Speaking of facials: Fightworx Academy's head Thai, and BJJ coaches, Kris Barras and Darren Yeoman pulled some epic faces during Josh's title fight. This photo was taken towards to end of the final round. Josh had dominated the fight, but had given up his back, and was turtled up and in a lot of trouble at the moment I took this shot.

He managed to get the guy off his back, but he very quickly transitioned to an armbar. Which sucked for Josh, but was good for me. Yayy, jiu jitsu shots.

But, he still won. Happy face. Thanks to the guy next to me who's epic flash went off at the same time as my camera so I got this super bright shot of happy Josh.

Thanks for the photobomb, Luke
Seeing the other photographers gear at the start was kind of intimidated. I thought there was no way I was going to leave with any decent shots. But, to be totally honest, I've seen the other shots taken that night. And mine are up there. Considering their camera bodies and lenses were the size of a small dog, and probably cost the same, I am one happy shebeast.

Hopefully I'll get the chance to take some more at the next SWFC!

Enjoy the pictures, and head over to for the full albums (with the shitty watermark- sorry about that).