Saturday, 22 June 2013

Forca Luta Elite Boxing Gloves review

Forca Luta is an up and coming MMA brand, based in the UK. Despite being around for less than 12months, it has already established solid support from some of the top UK fighters such as Paul Daley, Brad Pickett and Ronnie Mann.

I'm going to review their latest gloves, the Forca Luta Elite Boxing gloves. 


  • 14oz gloves (10oz and 16oz also available)
  • Lightweight construction for optimal mobility and performance
  • Ergonomically engineered curvature delivers the perfect striking surface
  • Premium vent foam complex for maximum protection and enhanced thermo-regulation
  • Fullback design and innovative closure system for an ultimate fit
  • Perforated neoprene backing ensures full breath-ability.
  • RRP: £44.99

Initial thoughts:

The first thing I notice about the glove is the design. The whole Forca Luta range adopts a black white and lime green colourway, something no other brands (that I'm aware of) does. The gloves look really smart. The stitching seems solid, and the design/logos on the back and strap of the glove looks sublimated (so it won't crack or peel off after a few months of using them). Overall, a very smart looking glove.



Why am I reviewing them?

I've been training BJJ for almost 4 years. I started MMA at the same time, but stopped because I became obsessed with BJJ. Recently, I've rekindled my love for punching people in the face. Maybe it's being secondary school teacher? Yeah, it's probably the teaching. Regardless, I'm training MMA regularly now, and thus- I needed some gloves.

I believe in supporting UK brands, and with Forca Luta having some top names in UK MMA backing them, I figured they'd be a trusted brand to try out.

Using the gloves at the Ronnie Mann Seminar
Ronnie Mann in the 14oz Forca Luta boxing gloves

Main Features:

Right, to using the gloves. I've been using these gloves (in 14oz) regularly for the past month or so. My previous gloves were a pair of 10oz Sandee Boxing gloves, so the Forca Lutas are more forgiving on peoples faces when punching during MMA class. They're also more forgiving on my wrists when hitting the bag.

The snug fit and double wrist strap really ensure my fists are protected when hitting the pads. I can feel the difference when comparing them to my old Sandees.

Another feature I like about the gloves is the mesh palm.
"Thermo- regulation" aka making-sure-your-palms-don't-get-super-sweaty-and-stink-the-hell-out-of-your-gloves.

After training, my gloves go in my training bag, and they stay there until I train again later in the week. Yes, I know- I'm a skank. Regardless, the gloves don't smell. And it has been HOT for the past few weeks. Like, humid hot. My other kit gets smelly so fast, but these gloves still have that sexy fake leathery plasticy new smell going on. I have to remind myself to get them out the bag at some point to air them out. The mesh palm does a lot of that for you, making sure your sweat can escape from the gloves, so they aren't all damp when putting them on next time you train (yuck..)

Conclusion: (can you tell I'm a science teacher?)

I'm really impressed with these gloves. Plenty of the guys at my gym swear by them and use them at Thai and MMA on a daily basis. Many of them have replaced their top brand gloves (I.e Hayabusas) with the Forca Lutas. So, if you're looking for some new gloves at a great price, but are unsure whether you should commit to a new brand, DO IT. If they're good enough for Brad Pickett, they're probably good enough for you..

Still not convinced:

If I've not convinced you, firstly- screw you. Secondly, check out the following reviews:

                             Ronnie Mann review of the Forca Luta gloves:

                        Pro MMA fighter Josh O'Shea's thoughts on the gloves:

Forca Luta

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