Friday, 5 July 2013


I'm about to moan. Not blog. Mmmmlog. Moaalog. I don't know..

I've acquired what all jiu jitsu enthusiasts dread. A knee injury. A subluxed patella, with a partially torn meniscus to be exact.

Me, for the past 48 hours. Minus so much leg hair. Supposedly..

Worst of all, I wasn't even doing BJJ when it happened.

It was one of the last rounds in MMA sparring. Practising a casual bit of stand up (I'd told my sparring partner that I was working on my takedowns, something he said he was practising too for his upcoming pro MMA fight).

He shot in for a takedown and I sprawled. Only, I sprawled waaaaay too late. Like, super late. So late that my back and hips were already going backwards (if that makes sense). Throwing my legs back so late forced my left knee to lock out and buckle, and then we both landed on it. Urgh.

I yelped like a Alsation puppy. I felt my kneecap pop out, and instantly pop back in again as I hit the mat. It throbbed like crazy for 10mins or so, but I was ok enough get up and walk afterwards.

I was also well enough to drive home. The following morning however. Ohhhh my god. A trip to my GP ended in "no wrestling for 4-6 weeks" and a sick note for 2 weeks from work. Rest and ice and rest and moan and rest and ice. Or something along those lines.

Instead of moping around (too much) I'm spending my time thinking about what sorts of things I'm going to have to adapt to keep myself active. My usual week consists of;

Monday: MMA
Tuesday: Jiu Jitsu
Wednesday: Submission wrestling & MMA
Thursday: Jiu Jitsu
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 3k run, heavy lifting (deadlifts/squats)
Sunday: 1.5k run, Plyometric/supersetting exercises

I'm on day 2 of being a cripple that can juuuust about walk unaided, and I'm bored as hell already. So not doing anything, isn't an option. I'd like to do some kind of workout this weekend. Otherwise, I'm doomed to becoming a super fatty and playing PS2 games with my brother for the rest of my life..

"Smackdown vs Raw, Tony Hawks 3 or Rugby 2008?"

So, I've come across a few different exercises I can do that are fairly generic (chin ups, pull ups, tricep dips, push ups, bench press). Ideally, I want to try to stick to functional exercises for BJJ. I figured 4-6 weeks of pull ups, and I'll essentially have lats the size of wings. Right?

Luckily, my strength/conditioning/diet guru Chris (from Crossfit Westcountry), is amending my current diet to make sure I don't become a super fatty over the next month or so. I've been eating really clean recently and don't want to regress. 

I'm having to pistol squat to sit down and stand back up. At least my right leg is going to be hench as f***. Every cloud and all that. 

I know knee injuries are common in jiu jitsu, so any ideas/advice from anyone who's been in a similar situation would be appreciated.

In the mean time, I'm going to spend more time taking jiu jitsu pictures, blogging, and hopefully helping out with the kids jiu jitsu. I'll keep myself busy.

In other news:

Have you bought any of this stuff yet? If not, WHY not?

1) Scramble have released their 3rd kimono, The Athlete.

Mine arrived today (cheered me up nicely whilst angering me that I can't use it for a while..) It's another gorgeous and solid gi from Scramble. I have a white one. It's sexy. I like white gis more. I discriminate against blue gis. I don't know why. Well, I do. This is my exact thought process:

Blue gi/white belt= Smurf 
Blue gi/blue belt= Invisible belt
Blue gi/purple belt= Kinda lame
Blue gi/brown belt= Meh, alright
Blue gi/black belt= BADASS

Whereas with a white gi..

White gi/white belt= badass
White gi/blue belt= badass
White gi/purple belt= badass
White gi/ brown belt= badass
White gi/black belt= SUPER BADASS

I don't know why. That's just a little insight into my mind for you there. You're welcome.

And Pony Club Grappling Gear have released their most anticipated spats yet- The Jessica's (names after Invicta FC fighter Jessica Penne).

Chhhhhhheck these out:

Another crazy awesome design by Meerkatsu. If a rainbow ever threw up, this is what it would look like.

I haven't seen a pair of these in the flesh yet, but the colours look super bright! If they're anything as comfy as their previous spats (The Baders) I own, then they're going to be immense. My friend G has a pair. What a bitch. I might steal them.

I'll update again soon, on how miserable positive I am despite not training and how I'm losing the will to live plodding along without jiu jitsu until I'm recovered well enough to traaaaiiiiinn. Or to inform you I've developed wings..