Saturday, 10 August 2013

Trying my hand at making some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Videos

It's been about 5 weeks since I injured my knee at training. I've been making good progress: resting enough, doing the correct rehab exercises given to me by the Physio and only doing very light drills.

However, on Wednesday this week, my brain decided, "naahhhh, this is all going too well", and decided to throw my body UP some concrete steps in the garden.

This WAS my good knee. It meant that for Wednesdays nogi class, I was literally useless. I couldn't kneel on either knee so I was forced to watch. Luckily I brought my camera with me. Rather than taking some pictures, I thought I'd try my hand at filming. The result is the following video:

The following day I was a little less useless, so I managed to film some regaining butterfly techniques, and some super light rolling. I managed to roll myself (thus, the lack of hard rolling footage).
I'm a total nerd when it comes to photography/filming. I don't know all the technical stuff, but I play (trial and error) until I get the results I'm after. I knocked both these up in less than an hour.

I'm planning on making some more of these (over a longer time period, so I can pick and chose the best clips). I'm really after any advice/techniques/general criticisms. So anyone who's more clued up in this stuff, please comment and let me know what you think.

Everyone else- please check out my YouTube channel (click the videos to open in youtube and click the red subscribe button).

.I'll be adding the videos to the channel every time I make a new one. Feel free to comment on those too!

All footage was shot at Fightworx Academy in Torquay.




  1. Really like the second one, well put together and makes it look like a really engaged enjoyable learning environment.

  2. Thanks Jack. I had limited footage (most of what I had was Darren explaining techniques and people listening attentively).

    As much as I like making technique videos, I also want to portray the jiu jitsu family lifestyle :)

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