Sunday, 22 December 2013

Faixa Roxa

On the 17th November 2013 I was promoted to purple belt by my instructor, Darren Yeoman.

It was a massive shock, as I've had a re-occurring knee injury that has plagued me for the past 6 months. I've kept training and I'm honoured to have received it this year. 

When I started Jiu Jitsu just over 4 years ago, I remember thinking that purple belt was the belt of ninjas. Got to work harder than ever now to maintain the high standard of a purple belt in BJJ.

Massive congrats to the following guys from Fightworx who also got promoted recently:

(LEFT TO RIGHT; Leon- Blue belt, me- Purple belt, Darren (instructor), Pablo- black belt, Wilbur- Purple belt)

A special thanks to Scramble for their ongoing support for the past 3 years. I appreciate everything you guys do for me, and I hope to represent as a scrambler for many years to come! Another thanks to Pony Club Grappling Gear for their support also :)

Final thanks goes to all the training partners I've had the pleasure of training with (at Fightworx, GB Plymouth, Fightsports Miami and Mill Hill BJJ).

BJJ has done so much for me, and I feel like I have a massive Jiu Jitsu family to thank for that. 

I'll keep training till I die!


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