Friday, 2 May 2014

Post op- Day 7

Day 7

And on the seventh day, I FREAKIN' walked. Not far, might I add. But I'm confident enough to not need the crutches. Something must have happened in my sleep man, because I was wobbly as hell yesterday. I've even left the house (by MYSELF) and gone for a short walk/hobble around the park. Felt a bit achey afterwards but I've been elevating and icing since and overall I'm feeling gooood.

Check me out;


3 x 10 knee flexion
3 x 5min knee hangs
3 x 10 quad strengthening
3 x 10 resisted hamstring pulls
15mins slow paced, old man style stroll

I've sacked off the straight leg raises as they're easy enough to do now. Knee flexion drills feel great, no tightness around the knee or stitches (again, hopefully due to the reduction in swelling). There is a slight pull (like when a bone catches a tendon, a little bit?) when I pull my knee to 100-110 degrees. I was aware of it yesterday too. I've been stopping right before I feel that pull, and will ask the Physio what they think it is when I see them on Tuesday. It may well be something catching as it'll be inflamed and swollen in there still. It's not painful anyway, just, weird.

 Knee hangs are still feeling good. Think I might be getting closer the a slight hyper-extension. Swelling is visually reduced again (my bad knee is only slightly larger than my good knee). There was also a feeling of numbness towards the outside of my knee, which seems to be regaining feeling again. I've read it's fairly common to lose feeling close to the main incision site after arthroscopic surgeries.

Icing (30mins)


So... much... icing. Will continue to do this, along with taking ibuprofen as it seems to be doing the trick nicely. It's helping my swelling, as well as keeping any post exercise aches at bay. Very happy with the results of the icing.

Well guys, that's day 7. I'm expecting to continue progressing, but at a slower rate. Slow enough that there won't be much need to warrant a daily blog. So at this stage I'll make 2 announcements;

1) The post ACL surgery blog will become a weekly blog.

I will summarise each day still, but in a weekly release. I'll mainly use it to highlight any milestones/dramatic changes in my recovery.

2) Shebeast blog will soon become WWW.SHEBEASTBJJ.COM

The BJJ community is the best. Not only have I had people from all over message me wishing me the best of luck in recovering and sending me links to instructional DVD's to watch. But I've also had someone very very experienced offer to help transform this blog into it's own website. An improved layout, easier to access, and just a whole lot awesomererer. This is something I'm very excited about, so I'll keep you updated on any developments regarding that one.

Right, back to Ryan and his deepy hawf stuff. See you in a week!




  1. Keep it up! It only gets better! I'm 9months out and I hardly notice most days. IThat catching feeling becomes task orientated and after a while fades...while making heart wrenching poping noises. I promise its okay. Lol. Your doing good! Stay strong, keep your head on the game its a long road, but there is no alternative choice but to successed.

    1. Thanks Arielle! Great words of encouragement. I'm day 14 now and the catching feeling isn't as noticeable anymore. Hopefully it will continue to fade.