Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I'm in Miami, bitch.

And I'm alive too (which is always a bonus I guess..)

5 black, 4 brown, 5 purple, 12 blue, 6 bajillion whites. (I'm at the front on the far right.)
 This is gonna be super brief, I'm going to upload a picture filled blog in the next few days. So I'm just going to summarise my first week and half here..Main things we've been covering include:
1) Deepy harf gward
2) Passing the gward
3) Schweepy from zee gward.

Uhh, yup, that's it. Master Cyborg has repeatedly said that he's not gonna move onto a new technique until we're all experts at deep half (which is fiiiine by me). Emphasis has been on drilling techniques and lots of specific training. We did a lot of deep half guard last time I came over, and I implemented it into my game right away. I get on well with deep half, so I'm enjoying going over the finer details of the sweeps I already know, as well as learning new techniques.

So, Master Cyborg has been focusing on the deep half guard with us, and one of his brown belts Ricardinho has been teaching us some guard passes and some sweeps from guard. Some real funky sweeps too. I'm keeping a hand written notepad of all the techniques I'm being taught. I found it really useful last time I came out here as a means of remembering everything (otherwise it all becomes too much for my brain!)

Training about 6 hours a day right now, 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. I'm easing myself into it, as I haven't trained his frequently, this hard, and in this HEAT for a long time.

It's been a great first week and a bit training at Fightsports, and seeing some old faces, a bunch of lovely new ones too. I'm gonna enjoy the next few weeks..

I've been super slack on the photo front. Been too busy getting an ass whooping. Need to step my game up for Grapplers Quest in August! But there will be many more training pictures to follow!

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